About Us

Nestled amongst the rainforest of Borneo, the RAVE (Rainforest Adventure & Education) Campsite of YMCA Sibu is amongst the biggest of its kind in the whole of Borneo. With a total of 14 acres of land and facilities to accommodate up to 350 people, campers can enjoy a tropical paradise lush amongst greenery and a cooling stream that surrounds the campsite, literally making it a secluded "island".

Lush Greenery Awaits Campers at the Entrance

Campers arriving at The RAVE YMCA will be welcomed by our friendly staff at the conference center strategically located in the middle of the facility with ample parking space.

The conference center houses 2 meeting rooms, dormitories, dining area, lounge and a large hall. It is also the administrative block where campers can purchase basic necessities or seek assistance for any First Aid need by our qualified First Aiders.

Campers are able to choose 3 types of unique accommodation available at The Rave which are dormitories, hotel rooms and chalet-styled accommodations that suit the creature comfort need and budget. All rooms are air-conditioned and has hot water shower and comes with an amazing view of the rainforest of Borneo - you just can't get anywhere nearer.

Chalet Styled Accommodation with Rainforest View

Themed as a Rainforest and Adventure Education Campsite, The RAVE has lots to offer for the adventurous and young-at-heart. A nature trail of up to 2 hours in the nearby forest can be scheduled during your stay. Within the campsite, campers can enjoy the ample space to conduct own games and activities amidst fresh natural air and birds chirping. A basketball court and tennis court is available for activities, gathering as well as campfire night - be amazed and mesmerized as our staff entertain and lead campers in various activities in the evening during campfire.

Natural Surrounding with lots of Greenery

A host of other natural activities are in the planning and come 2016, the campsite will see its 20th Year Anniversary celebrated with a loud bang - a totally new experience for campers to enjoy and experience the Borneo Rainforest in a way never before!

Campfire is Burning at The Rave, YMCA Sibu!